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April 26, 2005



If I've learned one thing about my creative output in the past few months / years, this is it. Not that I've been consistently able to practice buffering, but man is it frustrating to just be flying along for a few days and then hit a wall for as long as a week-- only to suddenly have a dam-break and solve all problems in a caffeine-fueled rush :)

Joe Wikert

Naba -- I couldn't agree with you more! When I stop and think about it, I find myself buffering all sorts of things in my work life. It all comes down to the old saying "under-promise and over-deliver." All authors should give this some thought as a way to stay on track. On the publishing side, we tend to get antsy and worry about a new author who falls behind. If they learn to buffer correctly they can reduce the risk of missing a delivery date. I also think milestones tend to cause some authors to freak out; they worry that an important date is slowly creeping up on them and wind up thinking the average number of pages they have to write between now and then is too much. If they stop and think about the peaks and valleys of the process, they might not get so worried.


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