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April 21, 2005


David St Lawrence


You are most fortunate to have a long-term working relationship with a publisher. Very few writers have that advantage.

There are a lot of different publishing options now and there is no reason for anyone not to publish their work, if that is their goal.

I've just written a post that may encourage those who have been waiting to begin writing. Its called, "You don't need permission to create." Click on my name to read it.

Naba Barkakati

I agree that I have been very fortunate to have a long-term relationship with my publisher, but you have shown with your own example that there are good self-publishing options available for any aspiring author to get published. I hope that in the future we evolve towards a different way of aggregating and distributing content that makes it even easier to publish our work.

Capt B

My name is Captain B. A Capt in Iraq and was inquiring about producing my blog into a book. Man do I know you probably get a ton of these type of inquiries but I figured what the heck, I have RPGS shot at me, I haven’t seen my family for morethan 60 day in 2 years why not email these guys. Regardless if you’re about hit “delete”, please support our troops. Semper Fi, Capt B


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