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May 13, 2005


Joe Wikert

Hi Naba. e-books and POD are definitely the best ways (currently) for publishers to extend the tail, so to speak. I can tell you that I generally look to place a book into the POD program at Wiley when (1) the regular printing inventory runs low, (2) there's still a sign of some level of demand (even as low as single-digit units per month qualifies) and (3)the book meets the criteria for POD. Books with CDs are often unable to move into a POD program (an example of where item #3 comes into play). At this point, POD seems like a much more effective way of extending the tail when compared to e-books. I still have a lot of faith in the future of an e-book model, but it's just not a real money-maker right now.

Naba Barkakati

Hi Joe, I didn't realize Wiley has a POD program. For books with CD/DVD that cover something like a Linux distribution that could be downloaded, perhaps we can offer the POD version without the CD/DVD, but with instructions on how to download the distribution (maybe the POD book can be discounted a bit to reflect this).

Joe Wikert

Yeah, I need to look into the options for books with CDs in the POD program. I've just been told they can't be included up to now, but I haven't heard a reason why...your download option might be a viable solution, at least for some of the titles.

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