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June 05, 2005


Brad Hill

Once again I tried to see this thing, and once again I failed [g]. I answered the five questions (which has to be the most obnoxious promotion ever), received the link ... and it's broken! It goes nowhere.

Naba Barkakati

Brad, I don't know why it doesn't work for you. After that too cute promo with 5 questions, do you get this link http://www.start.com/myw3b/ or something else? If anyone else is reading this, please let us know if the link works for you or not. Thanks.


So what are the differences between Start & MY MSN?

Naba Barkakati

Start has an RSS aggregator/viewer. If you don't see anything different from MY MSN, click "Show" on the upper right corner and also the arrow (the two "V" shapes) next to "start" at the upper left side). You can then look at RSS feeds by category and also add your own feeds to the list.


good work...

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